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Transwaste have once again successfully achieved compliance against the CHAS standard, demonstrating that our business processes meet excellent standards. The standard covers many different aspects of risk management and can reduce risk across the whole supply chain.

To achieve the CHAS stats we have demonstrated compliance in the following required areas:

Identity – we have been able to demonstrate we are legally able to operate within the UK.

Financial – we have taken the necessary steps to reduce financial risks.

Corporate and Professional Standing – information relating to criminal activity, corruption, terrorism and human trafficking.

Health and Safety – there is a huge amount of focus on this element of the standard and we’ve been able to demonstrate that we have taken steps to protect workers, site visitors and the public from harm.

Environmental – how we have taken steps as a company to reduce the environmental impact of projects and meet environmental management standards.

Quality – quality assurance helping to prevent problems from arising and reduce the risks involved in projects by demonstrating that we meet quality management standards.

Equality – how we promote equality and diversity in the workplace and that all people are treated fairly.

Corporate Social Responsibility – how our company impacts society.

Information Security and GDPR – demonstrating how we protect personal data in line with GDPR.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption – the procedures we have implemented to prevent persons within or associated with the company from receiving bribes or bribing others.

Modern Slavery – the steps we have taken to assess and manage modern slavery and human trafficking risks.