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Battery Recycling

The Problem with Batteries

Batteries are hard to handle from a waste management perspective because they are composed of a variety of materials. While many of these are harmless and can be recycled, there are some that are hazardous and require special handling in order to mitigate risk.

One problem when it comes to disposing of batteries is the amount of them we use. From laptops and phones to cars and common appliances, batteries help power our lives – it is estimated that we throw away 600 million batteries each year in the UK

If batteries are put in the wrong stream it can pose risks to workers who are not expecting to handle hazardous materials, and also waste management facilities themselves through the greatly increased danger of a large fire breaking out.

Fire Risk from Lithium-Ion Batteries

The greatest danger posed by batteries is the risk of fire they carry. When it comes to the waste management industry, this is by far the greatest risk faced by companies such as us.
Batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries that are commonly found in smartphones and other pieces of personal technology, can catch fire rapidly, fires can spread fast and cause millions of pounds of damage if not extinguished immediately.

Mitigating Risk

To combat the risk to both our facility and the lives of our employees, Transwaste has a wide range of fire prevention measures in place. These include thermal imaging cameras, sprinkler systems, auto-detecting water cannons, and an auto-suppression system throughout the facility. To try and remove as many batteries as possible from waste as it comes into the facility, our team of pickers does their best to take out any batteries from waste. This helps mitigate fire risk but is unfortunately never going to eliminate 100% of batteries as they are often very small and hard to see.
By far the best option available, however, is to work with our clients to educate them on the need to dispose of batteries correctly – ensuring that batteries don’t turn up anywhere that our staff aren’t expecting them and that we provide all-around recycling services for our customers.

Specialised Battery Recycling Services

To avoid all the hazards,  Transwaste offers Battery drop-off points at our Melton Site HU14 3HH and Foster Street Hull HU8 8BT.

This is by far the safest and most sustainable way to dispose of used batteries and something we encourage all our partners to have battery points on their sites.

Our Battery Recyclying Process;

Waste is managed in a sustainable manner.

Energy is recovered from the waste.

Reducing the use of fossil fuels

Improving our energy security