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Plastic Recycling

Nearly all types of plastics can be recycled. Garden furniture, crates and pipelines collected from construction waste, and industrial waste are recycled to create new raw materials.

Recycling Process

Across the UK, as part of local authorities waste management, nearly all councils provide plastics recycling collection. This plastic is then ‘post-consumer’ plastics packaging waste, and is supplied to the recycling sector. The amount which is collected and recycled has increased each year for at least the last twenty-five years.

Once the plastic is collected and sent to a recycling centre, it is typically separated into different polymer types, which are then separately shredded (and impurities like paper are removed), then melted back into polymer pellets. These pellets are then sold on to be used in new products.

Recycling and other recovery processing routes help reduce environmental impacts, as well as save costs, across the construction, manufacturing and retail sectors in particular.

Our Plastic Process;

Waste is managed in a sustainable manner.

Energy is recovered from the waste.

Reducing the use of fossil fuels

Improving our energy security