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About Us

Where we started

In 2002 Transwaste Recycling and Aggregates Ltd started trading from Hessle Dock, Livingston Road which is just to the west of Hull near the Humber Bridge. In May 2003, the company was granted a licence by the Environment Agency to start separating, treating, recycling and storing waste. In February 2008, the company moved to its present home on Gibson Lane at Melton. The site was a purpose-built waste transfer station and over 500,000 tonnes of waste is now handled through the facility, with only approximately 5% being landfilled.

Many waste streams are sorted and recycled at Melton including bricks, concrete, green waste, wood, plasterboard, plastic, cardboard and metal. Any residue is turned into either a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) for heating cement kilns or a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for use in producing electricity in waste-to-energy plants.

A second depot at Foster Street in Hull quickly followed as the company needed somewhere for its regular Hull based customers to use.

Our History

August 2022

Over the coming years, we will become part of the Melton Green Energy Park, the project will house an Energy Waste Plant, Anaerobic Digester, and an additional 3 wind turbines along with further developments to our current facilities

October 2010

A second depot at Foster Street in Hull

February 2008

Moved to a purpose built site in Gibson Lane, Melton.

May 2003

The Environment Agency granted a license to start separating, treating, recycling & storing waste.


Transwaste Recycling and Aggregates Ltd started trading from Hessle Dock, Livingston Road

Our People

Transwaste is one of the most established and exciting companies to work for in the sustainable energy sector dealing with multi-million-pound contracts in the local region.

The real energy behind Transwaste is our people; their talent and dedication set us apart from the competition. We believe in the continuous development of our people through training and professional development. Our success is built on our workforce, we take every opportunity to recognise talent and nurture it to its full potential. We pride ourselves on developing people, the communities we operate in, the clients we serve and the environment within which we live.