Community Charity Donations

This year, Transwaste donated £2002 to 7 local charities to celebrate 20 years in business.

Initially, it was our aim to support 5 charities. Employees and customers suggested 27 charities and 7 were shortlisted. The team visited these charities to understand how they operate and what they would spend the funds on.

Each of the charities are very different, offering huge value to service users, making the final choice impossible. So the Directors decided to extend the total funds from £10,010 to £14,014 to ensure all receive £2002, rather than spread the funds amongst them all.

This amount of money is enough to have a positive impact and each charity confirmed what the funds will be used for:

Our Winners

Dove House Hospice will cover the cost of Child Bereavement Services across the city.

Lindsey Lodge Hospice can pay for additional sensory beds.

Humber Rescue can automate their lifeboat shutter door and replace some crew-member kit.

Riding for the Disabled will repair animal shelters, pay rising energy bills over the winter and feed.

Rooted in Hull is upgrading beehives to extract more honey for sale. They can also arrange additional events in 2023.

Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group is taking all service users out for lunch for the first time in 4 years.

Children’s University made Transwaste a partner for one year. In addition to receiving the funds, Transwaste will take part in educational days, provide staff to chaperone trips and more.


Overall, we are pleased we didn’t have to choose 5 of these charities and feel happy that we are in a position to support them all.